Donation Store


Welcome to the GameKeeper donation store.

You can donate and receive memberships and perks IMMEDIATELY (night or day) from the menus.

You can see what the different benefits are for each level of membership on each of the two server types (PvE and PvP) by clicking the "Compare" menu item in the navbar, or by viewing each item individually.

All DONATIONS are final and non-refundable.

Attempting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute will result in permanent and irreversible banishment from all of our servers, and other Rust stores. PayPal ALWAYS find in our favour because you are making a DONATION.

Please note that there is now a LIFETIME option in the annual memberships for VIP+++ only.

FAQ - You can also ask questions on our Discord server

When you make a donation to GameKeeper via this store, you will receive your perks on ALL of our Rust servers. (Other server networks only allow donations to be applied to a single server.) To claim your perks you must connect to the server that you're playing on. If at some point you change to another one of our Rust servers, you will also receive the perks there too.

If you have a problem with a donation, for example you have not received your perks after waiting 15 minutes, you can contact us on Discord. To join our Discord server go to

Yes, as a single one-off action. All perks and RP will be removed from your current account, and moved to your second account. However we do not allow you to gift your perks to another player if you intend on leaving our network. (We can tell.)

You are making a DONATION to the maintenance of the servers. Generally we will not refund donations. There are exceptions.

We will refund a donation if you donated for the same package twice by mistake. If this happens, please contact us via Discord and we'll take a look at it.

We will not refund a donation if:
o You have received a ban from GameKeeper servers. All the rules apply even if you're a donator - you will not receive special treatment in this respect.
o You have used all of your RP, or no longer want the package you donated for.

Be warned, if you file a false chargeback against us you will be permanently banned from all of the GameKeeper servers and other Rust stores. PayPal ALWAYS find in our favour because you're making a DONATION and it will then show as a dispute strike against your PayPal account. It's better to talk to us first via Discord if you have an issue and allow us to fix your problem.

RP stands for Reward Points. This is an in-game rewards system for use in the in-game store. You normally earn RP by engaging in activity on the server, such as mining, gathering, planting, farming animals and so on.